Project Description

Retrieving the details of a job using the Okappy API

Okappy is a B2B workforce management platform where you can connect to your customers, employees and subcontractors.

To get the details for one of your jobs using the Okappy API, follow the instructions below


First you will need to get an up to date authentication token. For further information see authenticating with Okappy.

Getting details of your job using the job id

Get details of your job using the following endpoint.

GET /jobs/{jobId}


Header Content
Authorize Bearer token

The token should be a string taken from the “access_token” field of a response to an authorise request.


No parameters


Code Description
200 Operation successful
400 Bad request
401 Unauthorised
415 Data sent in wrong format (should be JSON)
429 Too many requests in a short period of time (please try again later)