Manage your whole team with one connected platform

Integrate your systems, your employees and your subcontractors/customers with our unique Enterprise Field Service management software.

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Your entire field service business – streamlined

“Mark at Maclin Pumps adds my jobs. I do them and can raise an invoice back to him straight away.”
Anthony, Convert Water
“Okappy really streamlines and tidy’s up our way of working.”
“We wouldn’t have survived Covid without it.”

Take control of your business

Our job management software that makes it super simple to add and manage your jobs. Assign work to your employees or subcontractors and see status updates as they happen.

No more searching for client contact details, getting lost on route or endless calls back and forth.

Attach images, videos and signatures to your job.

Information at your fingertips

View your scheduled tasks. Track completed and in progress jobs and see historical information about your work at the touch of a button.

Get paid quicker

Raise invoices from your job as soon as the work is complete. No more delays sending out invoices, no more waiting for payment. Improve your cashflow and grow your business.

360 degree engagement

See what your whole field service team is doing, whether employees or subcontractors. Then share real-time updates with your customers for the best customer service.

Grow your business

Run reports, create dashboards and generate key management information.

Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000. Cut through the complexity and better see how to grow and improve your business.

Easy to use, easy to implement