Complete control of every job, every step of the way with Okappy’s unique Connected workforce management platform.

  • Add/receive work,
  • assign it to your employees or subcontractors.
  • See the status of your work updated in real-time by your engineers out in the field.
  • No more missed or late jobs.
  • Just happy customers.
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Workforce management apps, emails and messaging don’t work in today’s world

Before Okappy

A complicated, disconnected set of systems and applications

Before Okappy
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Information has to be copied between your system and your customer’s and subcontractor’s systems by email, phone or messaging apps. This leads to more admin, missed jobs and late or disputed invoices.

With Okappy

A connected, easy to use workforce management platform

With Okappy Network

Information flows seamlessly from order maker through to the final engineer. You or your customers can add work. You can assign it to your employee or subcontractors. Everyone can see the status of the work, as its updated by your engineers out in the field.

Your entire field service business – streamlined

“Mark at Maclin Pumps adds my jobs. I do them and can raise an invoice back to him straight away.”
Anthony, Convert Water
“Okappy really streamlines and tidy’s up our way of working.”
“We wouldn’t have survived Covid without it.”