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BEC Perimeter Security Ltd Case Study

Tell us about BEC Perimeter Security Ltd and what you do.

“My name is Lee I work for BEC Perimeter Security Ltd, a high-end gate manufacturer and installer. We also install motors and access control systems and perform aftercare and maintenance on the gates. BEC’s aim has always been to try to be the number one gate company in the country. I feel Okappy has helped us to provide one of the best services in the industry.”

What were the problems experienced before you started using Okappy?

“Before Okappy, we had a purely paper-based system. From our point of view, it was a bit of a logistical nightmare. With multiple engineers doing multiple jobs on a daily basis, the paper would get lost, destroyed or engineer paperwork would come back with illegible handwriting on it. Sometimes, when the engineers weren’t coming back to the office for a couple of days, the customers wouldn’t get their reports for a few days. It was quite a headache!”

How did Okappy help to improve your business?

“I was surprised by how easy the training was. I liked it as it was a bit like getting an iPhone. When you get an iPhone, you open it up and it’s so simple and easy to use. It was the same for Okappy. As soon as I got it, I was running with it straight away – it was fantastic! The transition from paperwork to using Okappy was instant. Since we started using Okappy, my paperwork has gone down by 70%, it has freed up at least 4 hours a day and has enabled us to focus on pushing the company in different directions!”

What’s the best thing about using Okappy?

“The engineers love it because they’ve got no more paperwork to get lost! It’s literally on their phone and they can fill in the app as soon as the job is completed. They click a few buttons and it gets sent over to me instantly.

From our customers’ point of view – they love the system and think it is absolutely fantastic. Our customers used to receive reports up to a couple of days later, but now they receive them within a couple of hours after the completion of a job. From our point of view, it helps us to promote the quick and efficient service we want to promote. It’s far quicker for them and the service they get they love.”

What would your message be to someone thinking about using Okappy?

“My message to anyone thinking of using Okappy who isn’t using it at the moment is: Don’t be afraid of it – it’s a very simple system to use. It will help streamline the business and will give you a lot more time within your company!”

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