Join a connected platform that gives you
360-degree visibility of your entire workforce management.

Okappy is a system that will streamline your workflow forever.

Your ops will run more smoothly than ever before, so you and your team can stop concentrating
on the smaller details and focus on the bigger picture for your business.

Desktop Phone Okappy

It’s much more than a
typical CAFM or ERP system.

Okappy uses market networking technology to create a customisable, connected platform. Helping you to manage your employees, subcontractors and clients. Simple and easy to use. All the information you need to run your business is just a click away.

Deliver industry-leading service by breaking through the usual software limitations

You get…

 A mobile app that works in real-time

Sales quotes and proposals

ETA text messages

Electronic certificates

Alerts & notifications

File, document and image attachments

List or calendar view

Secure backups

Project management

Collect payments

Schedule recurring jobs

Build your network

Customisable job sheet templates

Dashboard KPI reporting

Instant messaging

Job history

Integration and APIs

Accounting software integration

GPS location tracking

Monitor vehicle speeding

Set up your holiday forms

Vehicle checks

Risk assessments

Assets and inventory