Frequently Asked Questions

A quick way to view today’s jobs2017-03-01T16:53:35+00:00

From the job dashboard, simply click on all open jobs  and then select Jobs for today.  

From this popup menu you can also quickly see your outstanding jobs, archived jobs, jobs created today and much more.

Copying and pasting with keyboard shortcuts2017-04-06T16:06:30+01:00

The quickest way to copy and paste text is by using keyboard shortcuts.
On regular actions like copying and pasting they can save you hours every month.

Start by highlighting the text you want to copy, then:

Windows users:
Press Ctrl + C (copy) then Ctrl + V (paste).

Mac users:
Press cmd + C (copy) and cmd + V (paste)

Think of all the times you right-click to select ‘Copy’, move the cursor and then right-click again to select ‘Paste’ or, even longer, if you select Copy and Paste from the Edit menu at the top of your software…so much time wasted in the long run.
Because of their immediacy, keyboard shortcuts are the way to go.

Automatically transfer job info into invoices2017-03-01T16:57:25+00:00

We can help you to amend the settings to bring in job information like reference, work done, description, address etc. automatically into the invoice when you click on Raise invoice.  This will save you from typing or copying and pasting information from one place to the other.

What does an okapi look like?2017-03-01T16:59:42+00:00

Here it is!  

It’s a giraffid artiodactyl mammal native to the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa.  Although the okapi bears striped markings reminiscent of zebras, it is most closely related to the giraffe (Wikipedia).

The Okappy name is inspired by this cute creature.

Working for a company can often be stressful, having to chase people around, monitor their performance and being snowed under with paperwork. Your working life should be easier, more effective and fun.  Inspired by the freedom of  okapis roaming around the forests of the Congo, we’d like to give some of that freedom back to you with our Okappy 🙂

Raising draft invoices2017-03-01T17:01:36+00:00

Still waiting for information to be added to your invoice?

Don’t worry, you can always raise an invoice as a draft and continue to edit it. Once you’ve filled in all the required details and are happy with it, you can then submit the invoice.

Run a report on the invoices raised to see if payment has been received2017-07-14T17:30:41+01:00

A quick way to see if your invoices raised are paid or unpaid is to run a report of Invoices raised within a time range and see which ones are marked as payment ‘Received’.

Go to Reports, click on Invoices raised.  Select on the date to run it from, then click on Generate Report.

The report will show the list of invoices raised within the time range you set.  At a glance, you’ll be able to see if a payment was received or not for each invoice.

The payment will either be ‘Marked as received’ (where user manually clicks on the ‘Received’ button in their Invoices dashboard) or ‘Received via Okappy’ (customers pay by clicking the green ‘PAY INOVICE’ button via Sage Pay).

Search everything with our global search2017-03-01T17:04:08+00:00

Enter at least three characters from any address, description or ID related to your Jobs, Invoices and Connections and the system will instantly display the findings in a pop-up box (image 2). 

From here, click on any of the search results to view or edit its details.

Viewing work done with one click2017-04-06T16:18:16+01:00

In the Jobs dashboard, once a job is completed, there’s a quick way to view the details of the work done by your engineer. Click on the green tick icon under the ‘Completed’ column and a modal containing the details of the work done will pop up, allowing for a quick browse.

Quickly flicking between Open and Archived jobs2017-04-06T16:22:32+01:00