Project Description

Archiving your jobs

Okappy is all about getting rid of paperwork and making it easier to find your job information. One way of doing it is through the ability to easily archive your jobs.

By archiving your jobs, you can easily see the wood from the trees rather than being submerged with lists and lists of jobs. Another benefit from archiving your jobs is improved performance. Whatever system you use, whether it’s a file full of job sheets, Microsoft Excel or (heaven forbid!) one of our competitors’, the more jobs you have to search through, the more time it will take. By focusing on outstanding jobs and archiving off your completed jobs, the system can calculate the latest status much quicker. It reduces the demand on both your internet connection and the amount of data you download to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. For Android phones in particular, there are limits to how much data can be stored in case of a poor network.

So you want to start archiving your jobs, how do you go about doing it?

Archiving your jobs automatically

With Okappy, archiving your jobs is easy and can be done automatically. Once you have raised an invoice against a completed job, the job will automatically drop off from the Open jobs screen to Archived jobs.

By archiving your jobs automatically, you can easily see any completed jobs with no invoice raised against it as they will still be sitting in the Open jobs/ Completed jobs section.

To archive your jobs automatically. From within the jobs screen,

  • click Job options towards the top right of the screen
  • Click Turn auto-archiving on
  • In the window that is displayed, click Turn auto-archiving on
  • Log out and then back in again for the changes to take affect

To turn auto-archiving off, simply repeat the steps above.

Archiving your jobs manually

If you are not raising invoices or simply want more control over when jobs are archived. Then simply click the more icon ( 3 orange dots ) and click archive jobs.

Archiving multiple jobs

Although it’s always best to keep on top of your live and archived jobs. You can archive multiple completed jobs.  To do that

  • From within your jobs dashboard, click Job options
  • Select Archived completed jobs
  • Choose the date you want to archive your completed jobs up to
  • The Archived jobs button will change to show the date you are archiving your jobs to
  • Click the Archive jobs before [your selected date] button
Archive multiple jobs

Viewing your archived jobs

You can view your archived jobs from the reports screen.  Both the All jobs report and the Archived jobs report shows archived jobs over a period.

  • Simply choose Reports
  • Select the All jobs report or Archived jobs report
  • Select the date range, you can search by
    • the date the job was added
    • The date the job was completed, or the
    • Appointment date of the job

You can also use the Global search to find your job by ID, reference, description, address or postcode.

Deleting jobs

What if I don’t want the job on the system at all?

If for some reason, you don’t want to keep your job on the system, you can delete it by simply clicking on the three-dots icon ( 3 orange dots ) and click on Delete jobs.

Note: This option is not available if your customer or subcontractor has entered a job on your behalf.

Find out more about managing your jobs with Okappy.