Get up to speed quickly and easily with Okappy's personal training.
Choose a training plans to suit your requirements.

Moving over to a new system to manage your business can be daunting.  To ensure the transition is as smooth and as pain free as possible, we've put together training courses to take away the stress and ensure you get up to speed in the quickest possible time.

We tailor our training to suit your needs, whether you would like to get a new employee up to speed or give your team members advanced training. Our training is designed to be fun, interesting and easy to follow for all involved. We are passionate about working closely with all of our customers to ensure you get the most from our software and from your business.

Even though Okappy is simple and easy to use, customers often find that training is a useful way to "sell the benefit of workforce management" to the whole organisation and create a "change mindset" across the team. It's also a chance to check settings on devices and answer any questions that you may have.

We offer the following training options

1 : 1

  • Training takes place at your office or alternative facilities
  • Complimentary lunch provided
  • Bespoke training plan based on your business needs
  • Length to suite your needs (up to 4 hours)


  • Use of specialist screen sharing software
  • Virtual donuts
  • Bespoke training plan based on your business needs
  • Length to suite your needs (up to 2 hours)

On site

  • Training takes place at your offices or alternative facilities
  • Complimentary donuts
  • Bespoke training plan based on your business needs
  • Length to suite your needs (up to 6 hours)

What does training cover?

Training can be tailored to your specific needs, but would typically include the following

  • Overview of system to engineers and office staff
  • Confirm settings on engineers phones
  • Exercises to add, update and complete jobs
  • Raise invoices

Advanced training

Advanced training is typically done after 3 months once you have a more in depth understanding of the Okappy platform.
It can be tailored to your specific requirements, but often includes a selection from the following:
  • Review of existing usage of the jobs, invoices and reporting screens
  • Tips for saving time when entering and updating jobs
  • How to get the most out of the apps
  • Discuss different job, invoice and tracking settings
  • Working with different accounting packages
  • Getting more from the reports
    • Analysing your information in Excel or Google Sheets
    • Combining reports for advanced analysis
    • Creating dashboards and advanced analytics

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