GPS Tracking Location – See the Latest Location of your Engineers
with Okappy’s Employee Management System

Use GPS Tracking to view the latest location of all your engineers, down to street level. Easily see where everyone is so you can assign jobs to those engineers which are closed. Save time, save fuel and improve your customer service.

Lone worker protection

If your engineers are working at remote sites, particularly when working alone, you have a duty of care towards them. With Okappy you can see where they are, they can alert you if there is a problem and you have two communication between your desktop and their phone.

Lone worker protection
Device settings

Configurable to your needs

Different companies have different needs when it comes to tracking. With Okappy you have multiple options from tracking the vehicles to your engineers, always tracking or just saving the location and timestamp when a job has been updated. Ensuring tracking works for you and your team rather than reducing morale through a big brother approach.

Available on all your devices

Okappy GPS tracking is available across multiple different devices. From our iPhone and Android apps to our portable or installed GPS tracking devices. We have a device to suite your business needs.

Available on all devices

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GPS Tracking Location – See the Latest Location of your Engineers with Okappy’s Field Service Management Software

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