Okappy’s Connected Workforce Management Platform. Available on G-Cloud-12

Okappy is a connected workforce management platform where you can manage work done by your employees AND your subcontractors.

Increase transparency and trust. Streamline processes. Reduce duplication, missed jobs, admin cost and errors. Connecting on Okappy gives companies like yours, complete control of every job, every step of the way.

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“The platform streamlines communication, eradicates errors and clunky trails of information for the whole industry, whilst also providing a system that is both flexible and simple to use”
“With a real-time update of the job’s status, we can see very easily if the engineer’s viewed their job, when they’re on site and when they finish the job without having to ring them up”
“To be honest, for me in the office it has been such a life saver! Because not only are we getting tickets back every day from the operatives but we’re getting sent photos as well”

A connected platform

Okappy is the only system which helps you manage not just your own work, but the work done by your subcontractors.

With our unique market network, you can connect to your employees and your subcontractors.  Jobs can be added at the click of a button and assigned to your employees and subcontractors.

Everyone can see what is happening, as it happens.

Easy to use, easy to implement

We believe that if a system is complicated and difficult to use, then it won’t get used. Our aim is to make managing your work effortless, whether that’s the office adding the jobs or your employees and subcontractors out in the field updating them.

Information is available at the click of a button.

Flexible software, tailored to your needs

Our system is flexible and can be configured to your specific requirements.

Design your own job and invoice templates, set up employees and configure their access.

Information at the click of a button

Whether you’re in the office or out on site, whether you use employees or subcontractor. Everyone has the information they need at the click of a button.

Search by postcode, job details, invoice or PO number. Filter your jobs and invoices and see the history per customer or site.

No more searching for information from lots of different applications. Information is there when you need it.

Real time information

See the status of your work as its updated by your engineers or subcontractors.

Amend jobs in the office and ensure all your engineers are notified of the change.

Join hundreds of public sector organisations

Thousands of trades contractors use Okappy every day to manage jobs for their public sector clients. They may already be working for you!

UK Councils
Housing Associations
Public sector jobs done

Hear what our customers say

“Okappy drastically improves the service we can provide to clients and ultimately the rate at which we can invoice completed works.”
“It has not only helped us with our job management, but also made us think about streamlining other processes within the business.”
“Okappy has helped us to grow our business and provide an even better service to our customers.”