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Maintracts Case Study

Maintracts is a 40 year old family run business specialising in offering services across plumbing, gas, electrical, heating and drainage service. It is one of the oldest established companies of its kind in the UK.
Maintracts’ operations include all aspects of property maintenance providing their services throughout South-West London and surrounding areas. Offering a full spectrum of reactive and preventative maintenance, Maintracts administers both 24 hour call outs and scheduled visits. All their engineers are fully insured, qualified and certified to current to UK standards. Maintracts are members of recognised trade associations such as the APHC, CIPHE and Gas Safe registered which are also some of their valued partner organisations.
They offer a wide range of surveys, certificates and inspections to protect property. This includes gas safety certificates and pre-purchase central heating surveys. Over recent years Maintracts has seen rapid growth within the business, with their team today now including estimators, technical advisers and engineers.

In order to grow/Where does Okappy fit in?
As the company expanded, their priority was to maintain consistent customer satisfaction with a focus on a quick response time for customers. They wanted to do this whilst causing as little as possible disruption to both individuals and companies. In order for this to continue, Maintracts needed to operate as efficiently as possible. It became time to transition their operational system from traditional old an old fashioned diary coupled with emails, text and WhatsApp messages to Okappys innovative Market Network job management software.

Why did Maintracts choose Okappy?
Maintracts were looking for a system that would allow them to book jobs in real-time whilst on-the-go. They were also looking for an online diary system that would allow them to see what jobs they had all at once and operate this remotely. They were also impressed by the customer support provided by the Okappy team.

Okappy really takes into consideration our requirements.– Oliver Osmore, Director at Maintracts Services.
How has this benefitted Maintracts?
Before Maintracts began the journey of transitioning to Okappy, they used a more traditional paper system to manage their jobs. The old system often resulted in lost job-sheets and  increasing lack of control over locating employees at any one time. Okappy has benefitted Maintracts by helping them transfer from this traditional job management system to a digital operating system. In the long run, this will help them save time by cutting-down on phone calls and paperwork; consequently reducing their costs. It will also ensure they have all the information they need to hand rather than having to search through their diaries or countless emails. Okappy helped to enable Maintracts to cut down their admin tasks and focus more of their energy on the job at hand of maintaining their excellent services.  
I can really see the software working to saving us more time and money as we get used to the new system. It helps enormously when searching for customer information. It has not only helped us with our job management, but also made us think about streamlining other processes within the business.– Oliver Osmore, Director at Maintracts Services.
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