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Archived jobs report

With Okappy, you can easily generate reports showing all the jobs which have been archived either manually or automatically over a particular period.

To view your archived jobs over a period, follow the steps below.

Generate your archived jobs report

To generate a report of all the jobs archived over a particular period

  • Click Reports in the menu bar
  • Click Jobs and then Archived jobs
  • Select the date range
  • Select which date to choose. This could be either
    • When the job was added
    • The date the job was completed
    • The appointment date – (this is the date on the job dashboard)
  • Click Generate report
Generate archived jobs report v2

Generate archived jobs report v2

This will generate a report showing the date the job was completed (if relevant), reference, job type, customer, who did the job, address and the job description. You can sort any of the columns and use the filter to home in on a particular row.

You can also preview the job sheet, view the job details or unarchive the job.

Archived jobs report

Archived jobs report

Export your jobs report

You can export your report to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets where you can further manipulate the data, create charts and graphs or even generate beautiful dashboards which show your key metrics as they change over time.