How to raise an invoice from a job

How to raise an invoice from a job

With Okappy, it's easy to raise an invoice for a customer for one of their jobs. Simply follow the steps below to raise an invoice from a job.

1) First add a job

Jobs can be added by yourself on behalf of a customer or by a customer who is connected to your account.

As soon as the job has been created and allocated to your employee it will show up in your jobs screen and your engineer will be notified.

2) Update the job

Your engineers can update the job on-site from our Monitor App using their iPhone or iPad. Once they have completed the job, from the App they will have to enter details of the work done, any materials which were used, options of attaching photos, customer's signature/ feedback form etc.

Once these details are completed the job will show as complete on the system.

3) Raise the invoice

It is then a simple task to create the invoice by clicking on the more icon ( 3 orange dots ) and selecting the option to raise an invoice.

Note: You can only raise an invoice for one of your customers. If you've added the job yourself for your own company then the raise invoice option will be disabled.

The details for the invoice will be automatically populated in the pop up window. However, they can be amended if required.

Click Raise Invoice, the invoice will immediately be available in your customer's account.

You can also email the invoice to them and send a text message reminder if you are concerned that the invoice may become overdue.

4) View all invoices

You can view all your raised invoices (as well as invoices you've received) by clicking on the invoice button on the jobs screen or by clicking on Invoices from the tab bar (if enabled).

If you're customer is connected to your account, then they can also log in and view their invoices from you. You can see when they've printed the invoice and can send them a chaser easily through the system.

Note: To enable the invoices option on your tab bar, click on your name and then settings and ensure the Invoice tick box is clicked.

You can also Export your Invoices to Sage.

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