Dashboard KPI Reporting – See What is Happening
in your Business with Okappy’s Workforce Management Software

Okappy dashboard

Key information and KPIs at a glance

Our Dashboard KPI Reporting Software enables you to see your KPIs at a glance including jobs done, invoices raised and the split between job type, employee and subcontractor. Keep on top of your business with a minimum of effort.

Detailed metrics

Drill down to see different periods, cut the data in different ways and generate reports seamlessly for further analysis.

Detailed metrics
Latest activity

View the latest activity

See what’s happening in real time. See what jobs have been added and which invoices have been raised. The dashboard is a central place to see a birds eye view of what is happening as it happens.

Sync with your favourite spreadsheet

Sync your data with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and build complex auto-updating dashboard and spreadsheets.

Advanced dashboards

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Dashboard KPI Reporting – See What is Happening in Your Business with Okappy’s Field Service Management Software

Okappy dashboard