Customisable Job Sheet Templates – Manage Your Work With Ease
with Okappy’s Electronic Job Sheet Software

Customisable job templates

Job templates tailored to your needs

Use our unique customisable job sheet template builder to design and configure your job templates to fit your business requirements. Set the fields that you need and make it easy for the office to raise and update your jobs.

Add checksheets to your jobs

You can add checksheets at the start of a job, when the work has been done and once the job has been completed. This could be risk assessments, work done sheets or customer feedback forms. No more having to work out what checksheet is needed for each job, the checksheets automatically appear when required.

Pre job checksheets
Infinitely configurable templates

Infinitely customisable

Choose from multiple different field types from checkboxes, to ratings fields to dropdowns. The templates are flexible and designed to make it as easy as possible for your engineers to complete.

Change alerts, send text messages and more

Advanced settings enable you to configure each job type so you have control over when you’re alerted to missed jobs, you can make signatures mandatory and define what text messages are sent. Flexible with fine grained control to ensure you manage your work effectively.

Job Template Options

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Customisable Job Sheet Templates – Manage Your Work With Ease with Okappy’s Field Service Management Software

Customisable job templates