We're proud to announce the launch of some exciting new invoicing features.  Designed to help you manage your invoicing whilst maintaining Okappy's easy to uses simple approach.

In summary, what has changed.

  • You can now add multiple lines to your invoices
  • Each line includes description, quantity, unit price, discount and VAT
  • You can add items and their relevant nominal code.
  • If you're using Xero, items will automatically pick up from your inventory
  • You can have different VAT amounts for each line
  • Totals will automatically calculate for each line and for all lines
  • We've added a change log so you can see what was done, and by whom, for each invoice
  • Improved notifications and alerts
  • Invoice payment handling has been improved and speeded up
  • You can now turn the Pay invoice button on or off for all customers
  • You can update Sage account numbers for each customer

Add Multiple Lines to Your Invoices

Previously you were limited to up to 3 lines which could include labour, material and other costs.  With the new version you can now add as many lines as you like.

Add items, description, quantity, unit price, discount and VAT rates to your invoices

You can select from your list of items and then add description, quantity, unit price, discounts and VAT rates.

Totals would always calculate using Okappy, however with V2 the calculations have been turbo charged.   Each line now calculates based on the quantity, unit price, discount and VAT rate that you entered.  A running total for the invoice as a whole is also calculated.

Set VAT Amounts per Line

Some customers need to be able to raise invoices with zero VAT.  In the past this would mean raising a separate non VATable invoice.  With v2 , you can now raise multiple lines on your invoice and set the VAT amount on each line independantly.

Set-Up Items and Nominal Codes

You can set up different items and their related nominal code.  To do that, simply

  • go to the invoices screen,
  • click More
  • Click Application settings
  • Add your items and nominal code

Add items and nominal codes

If you are using Xero, this information will automatically pick up from your inventory.   See our help and support article -  Using Xero Inventory When Raising Invoices for more information.

Invoice Change Log

You've always been able to see each action for your jobs.  The same functionality has now been added to your invoices.  Click the change log to see what was done for each invoice and by whom.

Invoice change log

Improved Notifications and Alerts

We've improved the notifications and alerts so you have more information about what is going on.  This is particular important when working with other software such as Xero.

Invoice Payment Handling Improved

You've always been able to take payments for your invoices through Okappy. We've speeded up the process and made it more transparent.  As soon as an invoice is paid you will see an update in your invoicing screen. You will also get an email notification as the payment is being processed.

Add / Remove Pay Invoice Buttons

You can now turn the payment button on or off for all customers.  See our help and support article for more information.

Update Customers Sage Accounts

You can now update your Sage accounts nominals through the system and in real-time.

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