Project Description

Taking payments via Okappy

With Okappy, you can send invoices to your customers and receive them from your subcontractors.

Furthermore, you can also take payment via Okappy using the Pay now button which can be added to your invoices.  Taking electronic payments saves time and ensures you get paid quickly and effortlessly.

You can set which customers see the button.  When your customer clicks the Pay now button they will be taken to our payment gateway. Once paid, your invoice will be automatically updated as paid within your Okappy invoices screen and the funds will be transferred to your nominated account.

Showing or hiding the payment button on your invoices

To add the payment button to your invoices,

  • Go the Connections screen and select Customers.
  • Select the particular customer to whom you want to show (or hide) the button.
  • Click Payment settings
  • Click the checkbox to show or hide the button.
  • If the checkbox is ticked, the Pay now button will show on all invoices raised for that customer