August can be a bit of a quiet month for some businesses with people off on holiday. But for us over at Okappy, the work doesn't stop!

We've been working extra hard on a raft of new features including the ability to add recurring jobs, all day jobs and the release of our add / edit job template functionality. Woohoo!

Read on to find out more about the latest releases as well as all the usual tips, tricks and industry news.

New features

Recurring jobs

If you do a lot of recurring jobs, you can now add them at the touch of a button with the key information replicated across each job.

Simply click More options when adding your job then choose how your jobs repeat. For more information on how this works head over to our recurring jobs support article.

recurring jobs

All day jobs

all day jobs1

If you have jobs that last a number of hours, or even span over multiple days, you can add them as "All day jobs". These jobs sit at the top of the Okappy calendar, rather than taking up the full calendar. Check out our support page for more information.

Add and edit your own job templates

One of our biggest releases to date, being able to add and edit your job templates and check sheets is now live.

Due to it’s complexity we’ll be rolling out the feature gradually. If you want to be able to add and edit your templates , let us know and we’ll add you to the queue.

For more information, check out our Creating customer job template support article.

edit templates

Customers paying late? We can help

We hear a lot about the negative impact of late payments on your businesses.

  • SMEs are now owed a staggering £32.4bn in late payments, equal to an average of £31,901 per firm according to the payment organisation BACs.
  • It is one of the biggest headaches from speaking to our community - frustrating, time-consuming and can totally wreck your cashflow situation.

We are looking into how we can solve this for our customers. One option we are looking into is invoice insurance so that you're covered in the case that your customer doesn't pay.

Let us know your thoughts

Would you consider insuring your invoices in the case of not receiving payment?
Contact us and let us know what you think.

Top of the forum this month!

Topic: Allocating to 2 or 3 separate engineers

Q: "If we raise a job sheet, can we allocate to 2 or 3 separate engineers? This will prevent us from having to do 2 sheets or 3, if 3 engineers are attending."

A: "Yes, you can now raise a job and allocate to 2-3 separate engineers. Once you've created your job, if you add more tasks to the job, each task can be allocated to a separate engineer."

Read the full post on our forum.

Check out the forum for more top tips, information about our latest features and to search for those burning questions which may have already been answered.

Don't forget, you can ask help and support questions via the app on your phone, tablet or desktop computer or via our dedicated support email

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