All day jobs

All day jobs

If you have jobs that last a few hours, and particular when they span over multiple days, this can make your calendar look unruly.  With Okappy, never fear, you can add "All day jobs" which sit at the top of the Okappy calendar rather than taking up the full calendar.

Read on to see how to add an "All day job".

Create an all day job

To create an all day job when logged into Okappy.

  • Click New job
  • Choose your job template
  • Select your customer
  • Add a reference
  • Choose the required by date
  • Click More options
  • Check the All day job checkbox

Add Job All Day Jobs

  • Fill in the rest of your jobs details as per your job template
  • Click the Add job button

Your all day job will get created.  To see the all day job, go to the calendar and choose the weekly view. Rather than the job taking up the whole of the column, the all day job will now sit at the top of the screen.

Calendar All Day Job

You can hover over the job to see more details, click into the job or drag and drop it to another day.

Changing an existing job to an all day job

If you want to change an existing job to an all day job. Simply

  • Click into the job details.
  • Check the All day job checkbox

Job details all day jobs

  • Make any other changes
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and
  • Click the Update job button

Your job will be updated as an all day job.

Note: As the job is an all day job, you will loose any start or end times of the job as only the start date and end date will be kept.

Further information

Check out this support article for further information on adding or editing jobs. Alternatively, check out our forum for all the latest question and answers or our support pages.