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Adding and editing jobs

Adding and editing jobs

With Okappy, you can create and receive jobs, allocate them to employees and subcontractors and view the jobs' status in real time.

To get started, simply click the Add job button on the top left corner of your Okappy Dashboard or Monitor applications and create a job.


The types of jobs currently available are standard jobs, electrical and plumbing jobs. All jobs have the following:

  • Job reference
  • Job description
  • Required by/or job date
  • Contact details (not mandatory)
  • Alternate contact details (not mandatory)

The following information can also be added to electrical and plumbing jobs

  • Job type
  • Any health and safety issues
  • Number of rooms affected

You can then allocate the job to a particular engineer or subcontractor and also define what automatic text alerts get sent. This includes a notification text to the engineer, a text to the contact advising that the job has been added to the system and a reminder on the day of the job

If you've connected to your customers, they can also add their own jobs and allocate them to you.