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Searching for information

Finding key information quickly is one of the things that differentiates Okappy from other software. With other systems you may have to search through lots of different pages or even through different applications.

With Okappy, all your information is available with a minimum number of clicks.

Read on to find out how to get find information quickly and easily using the smart filters or global search.

Using smart filters

Smart filters are available throughout Okappy.  You can use them to quickly search in your jobs screen, through your invoices, connections or in a generated report.

Start typing part of a word to quickly filter down to the relevant jobs or invoice etc which contain that word.  You could try with a postcode, name or telephone number or any part of the description.

Smart filters are available in the following screens

  • jobs dashboard
  • invoices
  • connections
  • reports
smart filters

Using the global search

Global search is also available throughout the app.  Simply enter a word in the global search bar and click the magnifying glass to start searching.

The window will show the relevant results depending on what screen you are currently in.  If you are in the jobs dashboard, the first results shown will be for any relevant jobs.

global search jobs

From there, you can also search other areas such as related invoices

global search invoices

You can search your Customers, or search support articles

global search support articles

Using reports

If you’re looking for a job or invoice which is cancelled or if you want more granularity over your search, you can use the reports to find a specific information.

See the following for more information

For further information

For further information search in our support pages or forum