Connecting to Customers or Subcontractors

Connecting to customers and/or subcontractors

With Okappy, you can easily connect to your customers and subcontractors from the web Dashboard.

Once connected you can receive jobs from your customer, allocate them to your employee or subcontractor and ensure they are updated in real time.

To add a customer or subcontractor when logged into your Okappy dashboard, click on the connections icon on the top right of the screen ( Orange icon showing users ) and then select New connection.

Add Customer or Subcontractor Connection

Type in the your connection's details including:

  • Company name
  • Contract first and last names
  • Contacts email*
  • Telephone
  • Mobile
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • Address3
  • Town
  • Country
  • Postcode

*Emails are used as a unique identifier within Okappy. It is therefore mandatory and should not have been used previously.


If the email has been used previously, you can either search for the existing connection and connect to them or let the system suggest a unique dummy email address.

Add Customer or Subcontractor Connection

You can select whether the connection is your customer or subcontractor and choose whether to send an email to your connection advising that they have been set up on Okappy.

If you send an email to your customer they can log in and view jobs you have done for them and also send you jobs.

If you invite a subcontractor to connect with you, then they will need to authorise the invitation before you can allocate work to them.

Authorising your connection

If you have invited a subcontractor to connect but you can't see them as an option when adding a job, they will need to first authorise the connection.

Likewise if you've received a connection request from your customer or subcontractor then you will need to authorise their connection.

To authorise a connection, log on to Okappy using your login details or the link from the invite. Once logged in, you will see an alert saying that there are connections pending.

Connections pending

You can either click the link on the alert or go to connections ( Connections icon ), view connections and then select either customer or subcontractor.

Note: If your subcontractors is authorising your connection, they will need to select customers in order to see your connection request.

Authorise connections

Simply click the authorise button to allow the connection.

Once the connection has been authorised you will be able to assign jobs to your connection.