Project Description

Information visibility over the network

Okappy’s B2B connection workforce management platform is unique in that you can connect to your customers, employees AND subcontractors. Send and receive jobs and see the status of those jobs as they’re updated in real-time by your engineer out in the field.

But what if you don’t want all your information to be shared?

We respect that you may have certain details that you won’t want to disclose to everyone. So that you don’t have to worry about giving away any of your trade secrets, the view that your customers and subcontractors can see isn’t exactly the same as the details you see.

Who can see what?

Green tick - job done  Your employee or subcontractor is private
Whether you have assigned the job to one of your own employees or to one of your subcontractors, your customer will only see your company name in the assigned to field.

Green tick - job done Your customer is private

Likewise, if you assign a job to a subcontractor, that subcontractor will not be able to see who your customer is. They will see you as their customer in their dashboard.

Green tick - job done Your work is private.

Your customers can only see the work that you are doing for them. They cannot your other jobs.  Likewise your subcontractors can only see the work you have assigned to them. They cannot see your other jobs.

Here’s an example of one specific job from the job list when viewed by you or your customer.

Your view

Using the network - your view

Your connection’s view

Using the network - your connections view