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Over at Okappy HQ we continue to work hard to ensure the continued growth of our network. Over the last few months, we’ve welcomed many new customers to the network and have been busy providing training to them. We’ve also been providing advanced training to existing customers.

If you’re struggling with a particular feature, or if you’re keen to improve your processes further then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have various training packages available.

We’ve also updated our tips and tricks emails. If you’re not receiving them you can sign up from within the web portal from the settings menu > email notifications. They are also shown when you log out from Okappy.

networked workforce management

New  workforce management networks can improve the way you collaborate with your stakeholders. They can improve efficiency and eradicate duplication. So, what should you consider when implementing a networked approach for your business?

Check out our latest article – A new network approach to workforce management.

Collaboration forms the building blocks of business, but most companies can admit that they sometimes struggle when it comes to communication with both employees, customers and subcontractors.

Find out how one of our customers uses the Okappy network to build their business – see post.

Useful New Features

Schedule jobs for assets

You can now add an asset field to your job templates and schedule jobs for assets. Check out out help and support article for more information – adding jobs for assets

Asset management

Android update

We continued work with Google to release the latest version of our Android App with enhanced location tracking and improved performance.  The latest version – V1.73.24 is now available to download from the Google App Store.

Android locations

Template builder

We’ve made more improvements to the job template builder and the checksheet builder. So it’s now even easier to add and edit your own job templates and checksheets.

Infinitely configurable templates

Don’t forget, see all the latest web updates by clicking your Profile icon at the top right of the screen and then selecting Latest updates. iOS and Android updates are available from the Okappy icon, then select More.

Top of the forum this month!

Q: “Is there anyway you can change the completed date on a job?”
A: “The date highlighted is the date the signature was taken. It can’t be changed unless another signature is taken at which point the date would get updated to the date of the new signature automatically”

More questions and answers are available at:

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