It is common for employees and employers to be nervous about embracing new technology surrounding networks. However, the effects of networks in industries such as facilities management and construction have been distinctly noticeable over the last several years.

It is also worth acknowledging we are living through a time of great cultural change – inside and outside of the office. Networks are essential to success in most modern companies. Reinforcing the connections between companies is also becoming crucial in order for these businesses to not only thrive, but survive. 

By implementing a networked workforce management software you can improve your company’s efficiency, decrease wasted time and bolster outcomes and financial results. Innovative workforce management systems can improve the way you collaborate with stakeholders in the industry and increase your understanding of the sector you work in. So, what should you consider?

1. Understand that networks are essential

First of all, we must understand that networks are essential to modern business. Looking at the success rate of tech giants such as Google and Facebook has led many digital experts to the same conclusion – that networks are required for a successful outcome and that they must be integral to your business plan.

2. Do your research right

Researching what can work best for you is key. Don’t jump straight into implementing a new technology into your business until you are sure about what it will achieve. It’s important to evaluate what works and what doesn’t; be critical and realistic about your achievements. Do not try to incorporate technology that is unrealistic or overcomplicates the task; networked software should streamline the way you work.

3. Get to know the benefits of a market network

Market networks combine the best elements of a social network such as Facebook with a digital marketplace such as eBay. Capitalising on both the social and commercial aspects of these types of applications is how market networks can push your company forward.

Market networks often take pre-existing social and commercial connections and move them into the digital sphere, therefore simplifying the contraction and connection process by using Saas (software as a service) applications.

Market networks are becoming a huge opportunity for many companies to develop their business strategy. James Currier writes that “moving these connections and transactions into software, market-networks make it significantly easier for professionals to operate their businesses and clients to get better service.”

Implementing a Market Network software could revolutionise your business-to-business and business-to-customer interactions. They could help you orientate your business to becoming a more wholeheartedly customer centric organisation.

4. Improve your outcomes

So, how can networked workforce management specifically improve your outcomes? Workforce management software such as Okappy Portal+ connects your contractors and subcontractors directly with workers out on site. They create regular contact with both employees and subcontractors, which simplifies and streamlines the admin process. Encouraging communication and connectivity also means that Okappy Portal+ promotes a collaborative team dynamic.

5. Move forward with digital technology

Embracing new technology in the workplace such as market networks and software is key to success in our digital era. Network based workforce management software can revolutionise the way that you run your business day-to-day. Networking within your company and connecting seamlessly with other companies is crucial to developing your business further. This is something that business managers need to realise and work with to understand how network-based software can drastically change the way a business works for the better .

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. But by embracing innovative workforce management software into your operations, you will see how it expands the horizons for you and your industry.

How Okappy Portal+ Can Help

With Okappy Portal+ you can communicate with your network, send and receive jobs, manage your workforce remotely, run reports, and raise invoices – all on one platform. You can receive updates to job details as they happen and view all important documents needed for the work in one secure place. To learn more, request a call here.

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