Project Description

Adding jobs for assets

If your customers have assets that require work done, either individual jobs or periodic servicing, you can manage the work easily on Okappy.

To use assets within Okappy, you first need to create or edit one of your job templates to include an asset field. You can also enable the asset column on your job dashboard.

Once set up you can then add jobs for your assets and view a list of assets for a customer. Read on to find out more.

To add jobs for an asset, you first need to edit one of your existing job templates or create a new job template which includes an asset field.

From within the jobs screen

  • Click Job options towards the top right of the screen
  • Select Job sheet templates
  • Choose an existing template or create a new template by clicking the New template button
  • Click Add field in the job details section of the template builder
  • Choose Asset from the field type dropdown

Add assets to job template

  • Click Save template

For more information on setting up your job templates, see Creating custom job templates

To view the assets column on your jobs dashboard,

  • Click Job options towards the top right of the screen
  • Select Change page layout
  • Check Assets
  • Click Change page layout

Change page layout

Note: The asset column will be visible for all employees.

For more information on changing the layout of your job dashboard, see Changing the layout of your job dashboard

To add a job for an asset,

  • click the New job button from within your jobs dashboard.
  • Select the Job template which includes your asset field from the job type dropdown.
  • Choose your customer, or leave the customer field blank to add jobs for yourself
  • Start entering your asset details in the asset field.


  • If your new job template is not showing in the job type dropdown, refresh your screen
  • If you have previously used an asset, it will be shown as a suggestion when you start typing any part of its name

Scheduling a job for an asset

  • Enter the rest of the job details
  • Click Add job

You can also enter assets at a later stage by clicking the asset field for the relevant job on the job dashboard.

Job dashboard with assets

Note: The system will learn which assets you use and automatically build a database of assets for each customer. You can also add assets for a customer from within the connections screen.

To view a list of assets for a customer, click the connections icon ( Connections icon ) towards the top right of the screen.

  • Select customers
  • Find the relevant customer
  • Click Assets

View customer assets

From there you can view existing assets or add a new asset.

You can also view a list of assets using the Customer asset report.