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System performance

Troubleshooting performance issues on your desktop

From time to time, computers can run slow, networks can get clogged up and even Okappy can face heavy load. This can be frustrating. But, rest assured the performance of our system is one of our top priorities.

If you are finding updating your work or invoices slow, read on for tips and advice of how to identify and resolve the issue.

Check out our status page

In the first instance, please check our status page at

We keep the page updated with the current status and load on different aspects of the system. If there are issues, checking there first ensures our engineers can focus on getting the issue fixed rather than fielding enquiries. We also publish specific things you can do to mitigate the issue, if there are any, on the status page.

Are all of your computers slow?

Is the issue affecting all computers in the office? If so, check your broadband connection using a broadband speed test. If that shows a slow upload and download speed then try resetting your router or check for any known issues with your broadband provider.


  • If more than one computer is on your company network, then the reported speed will be shared amongst all computers. i.e., if you have a download speed of 60 Megs shared between 2 computers. If both computers are using the internet at the same time, the speed will be halved.
  • A good broadband speed on its own doesn’t necessarily reflect a strong internet connection. The reliability of the connection is also important as it could be dropping periodically.

If you are seeing issues with your internet connection.  Then check your broadband provider’s website for any know issues or contact them. If they haven’t published any issues on their own status page, check Downdetector which is an independent service which publishes information on all the latest outages across a number of different services.

Please also see our blog post about an issue that a lot of our customers saw with their ISP – BT.  That includes additional tips and tricks for improving the performance of your internet.

For more (although technical) information on checking and improving your internet connection, see How to check and fix your internet connection

Is one of your computers slow?

If only one of your computers is slow, please check the following

  • That you have installed all the latest operating system updates
  • Update your browser
  • Clear your browsers memory
  • Close other tabs which may be slowing your browser down
  • Close any other applications which may be using your computers resources
  • Try removing or disabling any browser plugins
  • Check whether you have enough free space on your hard drive, If not, free up space by deleting old files
  • Check your computers are powerful enough, see our system requirements for more information.

Archive jobs and invoices

If you have a lot of open jobs or invoices, then your computer will have to process a lot more data and run many more calculations. This will exacerbate any issues you may have with your internet connection or computer.

You can archive jobs automatically when you raise an invoice. You can archive jobs manually or you can bulk archive multiple completed jobs before a given date.

You can also bulk archive invoices before a given date.

Note: Archived records are still available from the global search and reports screens.  Archiving jobs or invoices on your account does not archive them on your connections account.

For more information on archiving, see the following articles

Contact support

Is the issue affecting a specific function? If so, and if you have one of our support plans, then please raise a case with support and we will investigate further.

When raising a case, please provide as much information as possible including what steps you were taking and any alerts that were shown.

If you can provide a screen screenshot or recording that would also help.