Project Description

Email an invoice

With Okappy, once your invoice is raised, it will be available to your customer immediately. If you’re customer is connected to your account, then they can also log in and view their invoices from you. You can see when they’ve printed the invoice and can send them a chaser easily through the system.

No more invoices lost in the post, no more delayed payments and no more unhappy Finance Directors!

However, sometimes you may also need to send the invoice by email. This can also be done easily from your desktop.

Following is our quick guide of how to email an invoice to your customer or another person.

Email an Invoice

To email an invoice, simply go to your invoices page by clicking on Invoices in the tab bar (if you have the option enabled) or click Jobs to go to your jobs page. Then click the Invoices button.

Select the invoice that you want to email and click the more icon ( 3 orange dots ).

A pop up box will be displayed with the To field automatically pre-populated. You can send to multiple recipients by using a semi-colon (;) to separate out each email address.

  • to send the invoice to a different email address, you can simply over-ride it.
  • add their name and any message, and
  • click Email invoice.

They will get an email with a link to the invoice which they can click on. If they are logged onto Okappy, then they can view their invoices and pay the invoice straight away!

You can also export the invoices to Sage or find out more about Okappy Job Management.