As the first signs of Spring are starting to appear, we’ve had a busy month at Okappy HQ. We’re proud to announce that we’ve been made a QuickBooks partner and are now available on their app store. Check out our listing.

If you’re struggling with a particular feature, or if you’re keen to improve your processes further then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have various training packages available.

We’ve also updated our tips and tricks emails. If you’re not receiving them you can sign up from within the web portal from the settings menu > email notifications. They are also shown when you log out from Okappy.

networked workforce management

You don’t have to wait until spring to spring clean your business. It’s all too easy to download lots of apps, sign up to lots of newsletters and spend time and effort on old, outdated ways of working. Perhaps it’s worth clearing out the junk, looking at how you work and maybe starting afresh.  Click here for our top tips.

Employees are not always properly engaged. Often spending more time socialising, surfing the internet or doing personal tasks. Ironically, these problems tend to get worse as more demands are made leading to employees feeling overburdened and working less efficiently.

Explore the costs in more detail and see how to avoid it with our latest guest post.

Useful New Features


We’ve made adding adding timesheets easier. You can create a timesheet which your engineers can fill it at any time or add one as part of a job.  See our help and support page for step by step instructions.

Configurable timesheets

Mandatory images

You’ve always been able to make signatures mandatory before completing a job. Now you can also specify whether images or other attachments are required. See our updated template builder guide for more information.

Add mandatory images

Performance enhancements

We continue to make improvements to performance. This month we’ve spent time on the Global search. It has been expanded to include all job fields and its performance has been optimised even if you have thousands of jobs.

Global search enhancements

Don’t forget, see all the latest web updates by clicking your Profile icon at the top right of the screen and then selecting Latest updates. iOS and Android updates are available from the Okappy icon, then select More.

Top of the forum this month!

Q: “Is there a way to remove attachments in bulk from a job?”
A: “You can delete each attachment separately. Alternatively, you could copy the job and include the work done but not the attachments, That way you’d have a completed job with the same details but no attachments.”

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