Liquid and Gas Ltd is a residential maintenance company who cover domestic issues for real estate, including painting, decorating, plumbing, heating, electrical work, gas leak inspection, electrical tests, damp and mould issues, and joinery. For anything that goes wrong inside the property, Liquid and Gas Ltd are the people who go out and tend to the problems. They also do commercial gas related work. We spoke to Kale Grieve, director at Liquid and Gas Ltd, to find out how he’s managing his workforce at the moment.

How big is the company?

“At the moment we have about 10 employees and 4-5 subcontractors.”

Whereabouts are you based?

“Orton at the moment. Then I’ve got offices in Skelmersdale as well.”

When did you start using Okappy?

“Less than 12 months ago.”

How did you initially discover Okappy?

“I was looking for a dispatch software, as we were getting bigger and bigger. I was managing everything myself, which involved getting the work and distributing it to the guys. We were growing and growing, and managing the workload in the way that I was just wasn’t sustainable. I needed a software which could efficiently do it for me, instead of me trying to remember every single job that we had!”

Were you using a paper-based system before?

“Do you know what? It was just me which was very very draining! We were using email to send a job through. Sending guys to the job was the easy part, but actually recording what was happening on site was the part that was a challenge. It involved being able to relay that information back to real estate or to a customer. A lot of it was done through memory, or calling the engineers to confirm details. We didn’t have a proper papertrail! But now, we have a digital paper trail with the Okappy app.”

What’s been the main difference before and after using the system?

“It’s black and white for us. We wouldn’t be able to function without it now because, obviously, since then we’ve expanded. My business can run without me. Prior to that, there was just no possible way for that to happen – I had to be there. I couldn’t take time off for a holiday. When I was off, the whole company was off. When I did take some time off, my phone wouldn’t stop asking for information