Manage Your Jobs With Okappy

Connect with your field engineers, subcontractors and customers on one simple cloud based job management system. Facilities management companies often find themselves processing a large number of low value jobs. Efficient job scheduling and dispatch to remote workforce, whether an employee or subcontractor, is imperative. Real-time visibility of job status upon allocation is also crucial for the back office to keep up to date and to keep customers happy.

Simple Job Scheduling

Organisation and transparency is important for gas engineers to ensure that their customers are kept safe, all whilst managing their schedules efficiently and effectively. Okappy is a simple, unified platform designed for enable easy management of your gas safety jobs.

Improved Communication

In the gas industry it is essential to have all of your paperwork up to date to ensure compliance of buildings and assets. With Okappy, you can complete, store and send job sheets with the click of a button to your client's. We can configure forms and check sheets specific to your company.

Streamlined Services

Whether you're carrying out reactive maintenance or a scheduled visit, Okappy’s gas engineers’ software can streamline your operations. You can schedule and book annual gas safety checks to ensure your clients are safe and compliant. Additionally, you can log reactive callouts quickly and easily and fulfill any emergency surveys or repairs.

Easy Job Management

With every job logged within Okappy being assigned a unique number, it is easy to allocate work to your technicians via the simple drag and drop scheduler. As soon as the job has been deployed to your technician’s mobile app, your customer will be updated every step of the way using our unique network. Additionally, as all job data has been collected electronically and is synchronised in real time to your system, you can invoice your jobs as soon as they are complete, so no more late, disputed or even missed invoices.

"It helps enormously when searching for customer information. It has not only helped us with our job management, but also made us streamline other processes within the business."
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