‘It’s all right for him, he’s got the time to succeed’ and you have exactly the same number of minutes and hours in a day to do the same. Have you thought of a GPS tracking device?
Well, every business owner knows the value of having the right tools to do the right job at the right time. If he wants to make a profit and stay in business, investment in such tools is a must. Yet many company directors don’t realise how much indirect time gets wasted in a working day that, with a low-cost investment, could easily be prevented.
Fuel bills mount when drivers are waiting at traffic hold ups, with a running engine on idle time. If they had known in advance about a major road incident blocking, they could swiftly have diverted and saved you a fair bit on fuel.
Working schedules often change at the last-minute. What job is being re-allocated to whom, why didn’t you get the message in time? The mix up not only lost minutes but the boss has to make phone calls to get it sorted and more time is lost in doing so.
Get the picture? Well, there’s a mountain more time being lost in a working day.
Naughty employees cannot resist using a company vehicle for unauthorised use. How much petrol is wasted making that diversion to visit a friend or nip to a store for some handy out-of-town shopping? Ok, not all employees are bad but all are human.
Maintenance schedules can be efficiently monitored, recorded. Regular checks, using the web-based software mean less time wasted on major break downs and repair. It’s so toddler simple you will kick yourself for not getting a device sooner when you no longer have to rely on your driver to bring you a report or waste time chasing him. With a GPS vehicle tracking system you will know exactly where any of your fleet are at any time of the day. How cool is that? Better maintenance means lower fuel bills too, simple.
Stolen assets are often overlooked in time management costs yet is the fleet owner’s perennial nightmare. You cannot recover the lost profits from theft, even when insured, because how do you make up for the loss of time in discovery, recovery, form filling and phone calls? Oh, and on top of that, the lack of business directly due to the stolen item.
Like choosing the weather, it’s impossible to create time. Yet everyday thousands of business owners put themselves through this misery, forgetting the inexpensive device that can track the items and locate in a matter of seconds, compared to hours, days, weeks, months…or never?
Now for the latest tracking technology on the market: check out the iPhone app, pioneered by a renowned vehicle tracking company, it offers huge potential at a super attractive price.
Vehicle tracking units can now be purchased in portable form too, so no need to install…and more time-saving!
Find out more about GPS Tracking and job tracking from Okappy and can how they can help you're business.

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