GPS Tracking

With Okappy GPS Tracking, you can monitor and protect your workers, see their latest locations and assign jobs more efficiently.

View the latest location of all your engineers

  • View the latest location of all your  engineers
  • Zoom in and out from street level to country view
  • Download reports such as idling time, activity and routes taken

Create and view alerts

  • Create areas and receive alerts when one of your employees enters and/or leaves that area
  • Send alerts to all engineers
  • Get notified when a battery is low, when an alarm has been triggered, if a vehicle is speeding or if it is is being towed away

A device to suite your needs

Choose a GPS tracking device to suit your particular requirements.

  • Use our iOS or Android apps to send locations for your engineer
  • Portable trackers allow for vehicle tracking without installation
  • Installed GPS tracking provided a dedicated tracking device integrated into your vehicle for the most comprehensive reports

Contact us

Contact us today to find out more. If you’re ready to go, you can purchase trackers from within your Okappy account by clicking the profile icon towards the top right of the screen and then select Add tracker(s)