For tradesmen it can be a hard task to organise, file and track your workload, clients and staff. The reason being that your workforce are not in a close proximity, especially if you operate a nationwide trades company. You’re spread across the UK to ensure that anyone can use your reliable services. But keeping track of your staff and effectively managing their workload, as well as keeping on top of client information such as invoices can be tricky.

How can cloud-based apps help you?

With a cloud application, all the software is based on remote computers; "the cloud". This means that with an internet and WIFI connection you can easily connect to the app and perform many tasks without having to worry about saving files from your computer or managing your own servers. In terms of cloud based job tracking apps, you can manage and keep on top of many different aspects of your workload from time tracking, staff management, digital filing all the way through to sending invoices to clients.

With intelligent cloud based application you can often export your information to other applications such as your time sheet program or accounting package. Cloud based software can also increase billing efficiency and minimise the risk of human error – with errors ranging from missed or incorrect billing, poor management or bad filing.

The main problem in finding the right cloud based tracking app is that there are so many options to choose from. So how can you determine which applications are the best?

1) Usability and Compatibility

It's so important to find cloud based tracking software that is easy to navigate and simple to use. Everyone in your team needs to be able to work it. However, it also needs to be advanced enough to deal with all the work and information it will be storing for you. The simplest interface and programming doesn't always mean that it is the easiest to use, it's important to find one with considerable structure and one that has been expertly designed to deal with all the commands you require. Depending on what you want to use the app for, compatibility with other software such as Sage or Xero can also be important.

2) Flexibility

By looking at the specifications of the cloud based job tracker app you're investigating, you will know if it is right for you and your organisation. Whether you're an electrician, builder, plumber or tree surgeon, you will have your own key points, functions and objectives. You may want to have the ability to enter the start and finish times manually, enter the exact number of hours worked, have a simple start and stop timer that records actual hours, or maybe even have third-party desktop widgets. All of these functions are available in different apps, the hard task is finding the right app that will allow you to do the key things that you require.

3) Customisation

Having the potential to customise your own tracking app is crucial. As mentioned above you will have your own ideas as to how you want to utilise your app and what you want implemented in the software. Its functions are key in order to help improve the running of your business. When looking into your customisation options it's important to pick an application which is supported by other applications which you may already be using within your business for example, Forecast, Trello, Google Apps, Stripe and PayPal could be linked with your new app.

4) What tracking app can I rely on?

We are extremely confident that our very own job tracking app, Okappy, is an app you can rely on to improve the operation of your business. The Okappy app has three key benefits that every one of our clients have commented on as being hugely successful. The three key benefits include time-saving, cost saving and the ability to improve customer service. Okappy is most known for improving businesses, simply because it has all the key elements needed for a successful and professional cloud based application.

The Okappy app has a job screen to connect employees, customers and subcontractors, send and receive jobs and share the status of those jobs in real-time as they are updated by your engineer out in the field. A radar screen is available to accurately track the movements of remote workers and a messaging screen allows communication with your remote workers from your desktop or smartphone.

Using Okappy Job Management can mean no more paperwork, no more duplication and an end to disputes over invoices. To ensure you're using a reliable and smart tracking cloud based application, continue to the Okappy feature page to find out more.

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