Our Webinar on Wednesday 21st April at 2pm covered three things you might not know about Okappy.

  • How to build your network on Okappy
  • Creating and editing your own job templates
  • Adding files, images and other documents to the system

The webinar lasts for 30 minutes during which time you’ll hopefully takeaway some nifty tips you can use to get the most from Okappy’s Portal+.

Introducing Okappy

Okappy is a business 2 business connected workforce management platform which applies social and market networking technology to a real business need. The need to communicate and collaborate with your employees who are often at different locations (and now more than ever). With your subcontractors and with your customers.

Okappy helps the most forward looking and dynamic companies increase transparency, reduce duplication, costs and errors and increase efficiency. Ultimately making a significant contribution to bottom line profits.

With Okappy, you can connect to your employees, customers and subcontractors.  Send and receive jobs and see the status of those jobs as they’re updated by your engineers and subcontractors out in the field.

Once the job is complete, you can raise your invoices at the touch of a button.

Top 3 tips to get the most from Okappy

  1. Building your network on Okappy Portal+
  2. Creating and editing your own job templates
  3. Adding files, images, signatures and other documents

We chose these three top tips as that’s where we get the most interest.

People are interested in the network as it’s a new way of doing business. It’s helping the most forward looking for companies reduce duplication and errors. It’s helping them provide the best customer service and real time reporting to their own customers and it’s helping them streamline their processes when managing employees and subcontractors.

People are interested in building their own templates. It’s a relatively new feature and allows companies to really fit Okappy around their specific requirements. And I’ll talk more about how different use this functionality in different ways,

Finally, we talk about adding files, images and signatures. Although a lot of our customers get up to speed quickly with adding attachments to jobs. There is actually a lot more you can do with Okappy. You can add documents to customers, employees and subcontractors which could include things like copies of insurance certificates or contractors which means you always have information close to hand. In addition, there’s more ways you can retrieve that information which I’ll take you through in a bit.