We're continually speaking to our customers, finding out what works for them and what doesn't. With the release of our new job management software we wanted to understand what drove our customers to invest in our job management software.
Following is the Top 5 reasons our customers gave for wanting to automate their job management process and move away from paper job sheets or cards.

1) Missing, late or incorrect invoices

This is one of the biggest drivers for our customers. With lots of paperwork it's too easy to forget about an invoice.
With handwritten job sheets, if information is ineligible it may lead to disputes or complaints and if you're waiting for your job sheets to come back from your guys, then this can lead to delays in getting your invoices sent out and ultimately paid.
This is often a direct cost to the bottom line and one of the first things that can be eradicated by moving over to a paperless job sheet system.

2) Not enough time in the day

In the past, customers would often spend more time doing paperwork than running their business.
Several hours each week would be set aside just for paperwork. Whether that's writing out job sheets and given them to your guys, whether its your guys having to fill out their job sheets at the end of the week or month or whether you're then having to collate the information and input it into your accounting package, it all takes up valuable time.
This is time which could be better used on other things, whether that's building the business, training for your guys or even freeing up more time to spend on the golf course!

3) Forgotten information

We were finding that a lot of guys would fill in all their job sheets in one go, typically at the end of the week or month. The problem with this is that information is not fresh and is often forgotten. If there's a dispute later on, there is no backup available which often led to invoices being cancelled or reduced.

4) Better employee relations

Having to continually chase employees for job sheets is not only time-consuming and stressful for you but it can cause tension in the team.
By automating the process, everyone knows what is happening in real-time. There's no more arguments and a lot less anxiety trying to find out what is going on with each job.

5) Better customer relations

If the customer has to ring you to find out what is happening with their jobs, if you don't have the information to hand then this can also lead to poor customer service and disputes.
We often saw customers having disputes with their own customers as they thought an engineer was on site for less time than they billed for.
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