Time management is one of the most difficult tasks to master. How often do we say ‘I have got no time’. There is always time, you never run out of it but it all boils down to how well you manage it.

Here are 10 tips of how you can manage your time better.

1) Set up a work routine – kick off with short tasks to get the ball rolling.
Accomplishing something small, like an easy and quick task, is the best way to get your mind on the right path.
2) Have daily to-do lists and prioritise them – one I love!
Having daily to-do lists and prioritising them is an effective way of scheduling your day, helping you to focus on top priority tasks. Tick them off as you go along, it gives you a sense of achievement by the end of the day!
3) Always know the one thing you really need to get done during the day.
To help prioritise, determine what task in front of you is most important, and focus your energy into getting that done as soon as possible.
4) You get more done when you’re in the zone.
It’s ok to have ‘off days’. Don’t beat yourself up for it, but take advantage of those days when you can maintain