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Web updates

Okappy Updates (next release coming soon...)

Improvements and enhancements

  • We've made some small layout improvements to the job details screen
  • The connections screen has been improved so you can see all contacts for a connection including their telephone and email
  • Small bug fixes and improvements
  • You can now add and view notes for a subcontractor (as well as a customer)

Previous updates

Okappy Updates November 2017

New features

  • If you send a job sheet or invoice from Okappy, your recipient can now respond back directly to you.
  • You can now send the due of your invoices to Xero


  • We've made some improvements to the layout when adding employees.
  • The audit log has been improved, especially when viewing a previous checksheet

Bug fixes

  • On some occasions, the emailed column on the invoice screen disappears which is annoying. This has now been fixed.

Okappy Updates October 2017

New features

  • You can now choose to see 200 jobs per page in the jobs list
  • You can now use the job id or customer in the global search when searching for invoices.


  • We've improved the calendar layout when printing as well as made improvements as well as improved performance when flicking between the scheduler and jobs list views.
  • When adding jobs, the suggested addresses is now filtered to show addresses selected previously for that customer rather than all addresses.
  • General performance improvements
  • We added a placeholder address when adding jobs so you can see the format that works best with Google maps

Bug fixes

  • On some occasions, the invoice raised report would show duplicate invoices. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when dragging jobs in order to change their time in the scheduler.  If the job was unassigned, the time would not update.

More info

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