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Android app updates

Okappy Monitor v1.24.1 (coming soon)

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New Features/Improvements

  • You can now add notes for your subcontractor
  • We've removed the google map link on the jobs list as it was fiddly and it was easy to open Google maps by mistake
  • Small bug fixes and performance improvements
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Previous updates

Okappy Monitor v1.23.1

  • You can also reassign jobs from within the app

Okappy Monitor v1.22.1

  • You can now add notes from within a job

Okappy Monitor v1.21.1

  • Fixed an issue which happened when repeatedly adding attachments

Okappy Monitor v1.20.1

  • Fixed a small issue which prevented you logging in if you had certain characters in your password

Okappy Monitor v1.19.1

New Features/Improvements

  • You can now add a printed name to your signatures
  • We fixed an issue affecting the viewing of Google Docs and Sheets
  • We've made some additional performance improvements

Okappy Monitor v1.18.2

New Features

  • You can now add and view notes for a customer
  • The job screen will now re-open from where you left off (Today|Tomorrow|All)
  • Fixed an issue which allowed a new user to connect to an account without authorisation

Okappy Monitor v1.17.1

New Features

  • We've made some small improvement to messaging within the app.
  • Improved offline capabilities especially when launching app with no network
  • Improved tracking and location updates

Okappy Monitor v1.16.2

New Features

  • Some small updates to ensure your job updates happen in the right order when phones have poor reception
  • We've improved the push notifications. Your jobs list updates also automatically now when a new job is added.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue that sometimes caused the submit button to hide customer feedback forms for certain customers

Okappy Monitor v1.15.1

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a couple of bugs which was effecting messaging for some customers and have made further improvements to the back button

Okappy Monitor v1.14.2

New Features

  • You can now take signatures, add images and attach documents when you have no network
  • If you've added a checksheet, you can now replace it from the plus button
  • We've made some small improvements when resetting the app
  • You now have the option to make fields mandatory on your checksheets, contact us to update your checksheets

Bug Fixes

  • Some small issues with the back button have been fixed
  • We've fixed a small but annoying issue where you had to select day, week or month in the calendar before the calendar showed
  • Finally, we updated our certificates so you should start getting your push notifications again.

Okappy Monitor v1.13.1

New Features

  • You can now require a daily checksheets (i.e., a vehicle check) to be completed before your engineers can view their jobs
    Fixed an issue which sometimes meant that the wrong checksheet was shown for a job
  • You can now get to the app store more easily (from the more menu)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which sometimes meant that the wrong checksheet was shown for a job

Okappy Monitor v1.12.0

New Features

  • The job details now show the 'From' and 'To' time of the job
  • We now include the job type in the details page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a small bug that occasionally disabled the login button

Okappy Monitor v1.11.0

Bug Fixes

  • Small fix for funny addresses
  • Fixed an issue when attaching documents to jobs
  • A few other small bug fixes and improvements


Okappy Monitor v1.9.0

New Features

  • Send messages to your colleagues more easily
  • View connection details
  • More options added
  • Fixed an issue when job status was set to policyholder unavailable
  • You can now turn tracking on or off and update whether it's on by default
  • Update user and company details
  • Change the order of jobs
  • You can now change your password
  • Contacts us through the app for questions and support
  • See what's new


Okappy Monitor v1.8.0

New Features

  • Add and update jobs
  • View your colleagues' last locations
  • More options have been added


  • We made the text darker in places so that it's easier to read, especially in strong light.  That is for Colin whose eyes find it hard to adjust to daylight when he comes out of the drains 😉

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed some bugs which showed up sometimes when network was poor or non-existent.

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