View all completed jobs

View all completed jobs

With Okappy, you can easily generate reports to see what All Completed Jobs over a given time period.

To view all completed jobs over a period, select Reports, Jobs and then All Jobs. You can then select the time period to view all completed jobs.

Generate your completed jobs report

To generate your completed jobs report

  • Click Reports in the menu bar
  • Click Jobs and then Completed jobs
  • Select the date range covering the date the job was completed
  • Click Generate report

Generate completed jobs report

This will generate a report showing the completed date, reference, job type, customer, who did the job, address and job description. You can sort any of the columns and use the filter to home in on a particular row

Reports completed jobs

Export your completed jobs

You can export your report to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets where you can further manipulate the data, create charts and graphs or even generate beautiful dashboards which show your key metrics as they change over time.

Export Completed Jobs Report to Excel

Export Completed Jobs Report to Excel

Export Completed Jobs Report to Google Sheets

Export Completed Jobs Report to Google Sheets

Share your report

You can share your report by email to colleagues or your customer by clicking the email icon ( Email report ) at the top of the report.

Email Report

Further information

For further information about the reports you can generate from within Okappy, check the reports section of our support site.  Alternatively, check out the questions and answers in our forum.