Project Description

Uploading multiple jobs

If you have lots of jobs to upload, or if you want to import jobs from another workforce management system. Then you can do this via our job upload function.

To upload multiple jobs from a spreadsheet. Within Okappy,

  • Go to the Jobs screen
  • Click Settings
  • Click Upload jobs

web upload multiple jobs

    • If you haven’t uploaded jobs previously, first download the template file. This is available from the window which appears when uploading your jobs, alternatively you can download it here.

Note: Contact us if you have custom templates and require information to be uploaded.


  • Open the template file and populate each columns with your job information
  • RequiredBy is a mandatory field and should be in custom format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm
  • The following fields are optional (the maximum number of characters for each field is shown in brackets)
    • Customer reference (25)
    • Created by – (100)
    • JobDescription (5,000)
    • Salutation (4)
    • FirstName (50)
    • LastName (50)
    • Address1 (255)
    • Telephone (20)
    • Mobile (20)
    • Customer*
    • Job type should match one of your jobs in the drop down job type menu (found when adding single jobs)
  • Save the template file
  • From within the upload window, click Browse to select the file (or drop it into the window)
  • Click Done to start uploading your jobs


  • Please delete any notes in the template before uploading your jobs
  • Replace row 2 onwards with the jobs that you want to upload
  • Please do not remove or add columns
  • If no customer is entered, your company will be shown as the customer for the job
  • If a customer name is included, please ensure it exactly matches the customer name of one of your customers shown in the connections tab. If there are any typos or additional spaces, particularly at the start or end of the name, the correct customer might not be chosen
  • If no job type is entered, the default job type will be chosen. If you do enter a job type, please ensure it exactly matches the name of one of your job templates in order for the correct job type to be selected

Using Google Sheets or Apple Numbers

If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can create your jobs in another spreadsheet such as Google sheets or Apple Numbers and then export the file to xlsx format.

Once in xlsx format you can upload as above.

For further information, check out this forum post.


The wrong customer is being selected

If the incorrect customer is being selected, this is generally because either there hasn’t been a customer set up yet with that customer name  For more information on setting up a customer, see Connecting to customers and subcontractors.

It could also be due to the incorrect spelling or additional spaces in the customer name column of the spreadsheet. Please check the customer name in the spreadsheet especially when pasting information from the other sources and then try the upload again.

The required by time defaults to 00:00

Please ensure the cells in the RequiredBy column include a date and time and that the cell format is set to; custom field with formatting dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm

The wrong job type is being selected

Please ensure the job type in the job type column exactly matches the name of one of your job templates including any spaces.

Note: When you edit you templates, a new version will be saved. In order to ensure the upload picks up the correct version, we advise to change the template name once it is finalised and ensure that what is in the spreadsheet matches that finalised version.