Project Description

Printing invoices / Saving as PDFs

One of Okappy’s core aims was to reduce paperwork.  That is why the leading companies choose Okappy. Unfortunately, in some cases, printing an invoice is still required.

Read on to find out how to print your invoices or save them as PDFs.

Printing your invoice

To print the final version of your invoice.

Click on the Three dots next to the relevant invoice and choose Preview.

web invoices preview invoice

Note: If you send an invoice by email from the system, clicking on the link in the email will show the same screen

web invoice preview

To print the invoice, click the Print icon towards the top of the page or click CTRL P / Command P (depending on your operating system)

web print invoice preview

The print screen dialogue box will be shown

Note: The exact look and fields of the dialogue box may vary depending on your operating system and settings

Click Print to print your invoice or Save as PDF

Note: The invoice is a dynamic document. How it prints will depend on the information within the document and your specific computer and printer settings.