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Giving access to your connections employees

Giving access to your connections employees

When you invite a connection to join you on Okappy, the initial employee will get an email with login instructions.  To add more employees, the initial employee can do this by adding an employee.

You can also provide additional employee access for your customers or subcontractors by following these steps to add a contact:

Adding a contact for a customer or subcontractor

  • Click the connections icon ( ) and then View connections
  • Find the connection in your customer or subcontractors list

Add new contact

  • You can check what employees are already set up by clicking View or edit contacts
  • To add a new contact, click Add contact
  • Enter their details including their email address

Add new contact details

  • Ensure the tick box is checked to send them a notification email

Send an email to a new contact

  • Click Add contact

The employee will receive an email notifying them that they've been added to their account. They can click the link to login or go to the Okappy login page and enter their email and password.

If they don't know their password, they can click the Reset password link to create a new password.

Reset password for a new connection