Project Description

This is a quick guide to getting started with our Okappy iOS Application on your iPhone or iPad:

If you haven’t already downloaded the application, you can get it from the iTunes store.

What is Okappy’s iOS App anyway?


Okappy’s iOS app is a simple application for the iPhone and iPad which provides all the benefits of Okappy but in the palm of your hand.

With Okappy you can:

  • See the location of all your devices
  • Send your own location
  • Send alerts
  • Add jobs
  • Allocate jobs to your colleagues
  • View and update your jobs
  • Message your colleagues

How is it useful?

Okappy provides transparency over your business.

No more ringing around, trying to find out where your colleagues are or whether a job has been done. You can also quickly and easily communicate with your colleagues.

Getting started with Okappy’s iOS app

  1. Download the Okappy real time job management application from the Apple iTunes store.
  2. Enter your details and either create a new account or join an existing account if your company is already using Okappy
  3. If you have joined an account, then your device locations, any jobs and contacts will be immediately available
  4. Start adding jobs, employees and other connections by clicking on the + icon in the radar, jobs or messaging screens
  5. Once you have connections, you can start allocating jobs and messaging from the app

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