Project Description

Daily checksheets report

With Okappy, you can set up daily checksheets which your engineers have to complete before viewing any of their jobs.  A populate example of a daily check sheet is a vehicle check.

To view the daily checksheets which have been completed over a period, follow the steps below.

Generate your daily checksheets report

To generate a report of all the daily check sheets completed over a particular period

  • Click Reports in the menu bar
  • Click Jobs and then daily checksheets
  • Select the date range covering the date the check sheet was completed
  • Click Generate report
Reports generate daily checksheets

Reports generate daily checksheets

This will generate a report showing the date the daily checksheet was completed, checklist type and who completed it. You click the magnifying glass to view the daily check sheet.

Reports view daily checksheets

Reports view daily checksheets

Export your daily check sheet report

You can export your report to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets where you can further manipulate the data, create charts and graphs or even generate beautiful dashboards which show your key metrics as they change over time.