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Adding or updating your company profile

Okappy is the only B2B connected workforce management platform which enables you to connect to your customers, employees and subcontractors to manage your work.

Like social networks, you can search for other companies and build your own network. Other companies can also search for you. Therefore having a strong profile which clearly explains what you do, can really help you grow your business.

Read on to find out how to create your  company profile in Okappy.

Create your profile

To create your company profile

  • Click your Profile icon towards the top right of the screen
  • Select [your name] profile

Profile settings

Your company details will be displayed.

Company details page

Company profile fields

You can now add or edit the following company profile fields

  • Your company name
  • A public profile link will be created. If you want to change it to something more memorable, click the edit icon to the side of the field.
  • Check whether you want your profile to be searchable.
  • Add your logo as a .png or jpg (ideally with a width and height of 200px)
  • Select your industry from one of the following options
    • Electrical contracting
    • Plumbing
    • Transport and logistics
    • Construction
    • Facilities Management
    • Property development
    • Fire, security and alarms
    • Local authority
    • Other
  • Add a description for your company. You can format the description using the various options in the toolbar above the field.
  • Add your website
  • Enter some keywords to help companies find you in the search results
  • Add your social media profiles
  • Add your main contact details

Once you are happy with your profile, click the Update your company details button.

Viewing your company profile

To view your company profile, goto your company details page and click the view option next to Public profile.

View your public profile

Your public profile page will be displayed

Public profile

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You can also edit your own user details. For further information see Editing your individual user details