Adding and viewing notes for your customers

Adding and viewing notes for your customers

Our customers may be good at wiring complex electrics but they're often the first to admit that their employees are not always the most eloquent or technically savvy. Consequently, we take great care when developing our software to ensure it is really simple and easy to use.

Even when you have been brought up with computers, if you're up a ladder or down a drain you don't want to be fumbling around with your phone trying to click on the right button.

We're happy with the simplicity of our software but we're always looking to improve. One worry that our customers often have is seeing the content of a job sheet badly written by one of their engineers, They're afraid that if their customers see it, it might cause problems.

Our solution was to allow our users to add notes for their own customers. Notes are easily accessible from within each job or from the customer database, they're private and not visible on the actual job sheet.

Following is a quick guide on how to add notes for a customer or for a job.

Adding and Viewing Notes from the Desktop

You can add notes from a job or from the customer database page.

To add notes for a job, simply select a job for a customer then click the 3-dots icon ( 3 orange dots ).


From there you can select View notes for customer or Add note.

You can then add a note for that connection, select a note type and add a description.

Alternatively, you can add a note directly for a customer from the customer database screen. Simply click the connections icon at the top right of your screen ( Orange icon showing users ).

You can then select your customer and add a note.


Adding and Viewing Notes from Your iPhone or iPad

All notes are available from your iPhone and iPad, so you can get up-to-date information about your customers, no matter where you are.

To view notes for a job, simply click on the job details. If the job is for a customer, then clicking on the customer name will display a list of all the notes for that specific customer.


You can add new notes by clicking on the plus (+) icon at the top right of the screen.

You can also view all notes for a customer by selecting the customer from the Contacts screen on your iPad or by going to Messages, clicking the Contacts icon ( Orange icon showing users ) at the top right of the screen and selecting the customer.

Clicking on a customer will show you its details. You can then click on View customer notes to view or add more notes for that customer.

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