Decorators, plumbers, electricians and others: with a long list of jobs to get through, you had your work for the day cut out. With your route planned the night before; travelling across counties and towns, A roads, B roads and minor roads, fitting all the customers in nicely, as you went, whistling a little tune. Then back home for supper.

Ah, the satisfaction of being self-employed and a good day’s work done, mortgage paid, everyone fed – and Christmas looming. So far, so good, things could be worse…

Then you opened the curtains and stood back from the glare: several inches of snow had fallen overnight…plans scuppered!

Well, with us Brits unable to cope with a smattering of ground frost without the country grinding to a halt, this ‘slight precipitation’ meant only one thing: chaos.

Your car has turned into an igloo and peeking out of those curtains looks like living in Siberia (hah, the Siberians get on with a normal day in worse conditions).

Travel plans abandoned, roads impassable, no work, no pay, customers not knowing if you are turning up when, how, if at all. Everyone getting fed all right…fed up.

Sorry folks, hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to no work we go – will try again tomorrow.

If only…you had one of those handy workforce management systems. You’d be able to see at a glance which jobs are due today, text your customers, let them know you’re not going to make it or you’ll be delayed. Or plan a different route: instantly see road blocks, diversions, jams and oh yes, er…weather reports. Keep them all happy whilst having one less thing to worry about.

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