Managing a job often takes up as much, or probably even more time, than actually doing the job itself! Whether you’re sending jobs out to your team, recording time sheets or chasing up unpaid invoices, it’s all taking up your time, and in the end taking money from the bottom line. However, by automating your job management process, you can save you and your business, time and money.

Here are our tips for the impact it can have:

1) Paper and Printing

With job automation software such as Okappy, everything is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed wherever you are with a huge reduction in the amount of printing your business will need to do. It might seem like a minor saving, but in the long run, reducing paper and printing costs, can have a huge impact. It also demonstrate a professional, contemporary and environmentally friendly side to your business. It has a knock on effect, reducing the amount of filing and space needed to store paperwork, resulting in a much more organised and streamlined approach. If you’ve been wanting to make more space in your office for a while, this could be the solution!

2) Duplication of Work

It’s amazing how much duplication happens at work without you ever realising it. It might be entering duplicate information into different applications or entering team job sheets into more than one system, then filing away. Job automation really helps you to look at your process from the outset, see how it can be improved, and efficiencies achieved. Okappy provides invoic