London, UK based tech start-up, Okappy, has announced the launch of its investment pitch on the AngelsDen equity crowdfunding platform. Aiming to raise £500,000 from the crowd, the pitch is open to anyone interested in supporting Okappy’s innovative new communications platform.
The young company will use the capital for marketing and further development of its network for groups of companies, such as electrical contractors, plumbing contractors and drainage contractors.
Okappy is described as a market network aimed at companies with employees and subcontractors working in different locations.  These types of companies often struggle with poor communication, lots of paperwork and the fragmentation of information across different applications which leads to errors, wastes time and ultimately leads to missed, disputed and forgotten invoices.
The app runs on the Web, on iPads and iPhones, Android devices and other smartphones and streamlines administrative tasks including customer communication, job management, invoicing and taking payment by card or direct debit. All information is held in one place, it is easily searchable and available across all your devices, even when you don’t have network reception.
Okappy was born in 2015 and has already seen over 50,000 jobs created and over £7 million pounds worth of invoices raised.  Even more exciting is the 19,000 connections which have been created on the platform by our customers.

“Millions of companies around the world suffer from poor communications which makes it difficult to manage day-to-day work,” says Richard Harris, co-founder of Okappy. “And this is despite the communications revolution which simply leads to information being fragmented across lots of different applications. The Okappy network enables companies to connect to their own customers and subcontractors and manage their work at the click of a button.”

Okappy raised £110,000 in its first seed round in 2016.  It is now looking to raise a further £500,000 on AngelsDen in return for 20% equity with £170,000 already committed. The money will enable Okappy to take on more resources, scale the already successful marketing strategy and increase the rate of product development.
The team of four are based in the East End of London, UK and have been developing the technology for the past 4 years. The equity crowdfunding offer is open for a month and will close on 30 May.

“We chose AngelsDen because it’s very accessible with a long and established history helping young companies to scale” says Gerro So, co-founder of Okappy.  “We think the public will be keen on investing as lots of them witness at first hand what happens when electrical contractors or the like are late or turn up at a job without the right information. The campaign will also help Okappy get the message out through a crowd of enthusiastic ambassadors, so it’s all very exciting for us.”

Established in 2015, Okappy was co-founded by Richard Harris (who previously built an award winning startup in the transport sector) and Gerry So, a chartered financial accountant and ex-investment banker.
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