It’s July, and we’ve seen some very hot days!

It’s not just the weather that’s hotting up, we’re also working hard on our platform, making it easier for you to connect to customers and subcontractors, build your network and streamline your work.

This month we’ve got a case study from C&R Building Solutions, some new help and support pages and some new developments to make your working lives easier.

Read on for more info…

C & R Building Solutions

C&R Building Solutions looks after more than 100,000 properties around London. See how they found a better way of working with Okappy’s unique field service management platform.

Software Procurement

Bargain hunting is a fact of life these days, so it isn’t surprising that businesses everywhere have applied the principle to their hunt for software. And it’s fair to say that there appear to be some significant discounts out there.

The big question is whether those solutions can actually live up to those promises and, more importantly, whether it really benefits your business. Find out more.

Useful New Features

Notes search

Global notes search

You can search for your notes using the global search.

Simply enter your word or phrase in the global search bar and then check the notes tab.

Enhanced jobs search

You can now more easily find your outstanding jobs by selecting a date when filtering jobs.

Once selected, you can quickly scroll to the next or previous dates.

New job filters


New Troubleshooting Guides

We have improved our help and support. We have updates some of our guides to make them easier to read and have added a new troubleshooting section

Troubleshooting guides

Top of the forum this month!

Q:“Some daily checklists not pulling through to engineers phones. .Asked them to restart the app but it still doesnt come through. Any recommendation?”
A:“You can turn daily checksheets on or off for an employee by going to employee settings, scrolling down to the bottom of the modal and then checking Complete daily checksheets. Fore more information see”

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